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meagan1by Keri Henshaw
Meagan’s Mom

Meagan was born November 21, 2013.  There were no problems during my pregnancy or cesarean section. We spent four days at St. Mark’s hospital and left with a clean bill of health. All the congenital heart tests performed after birth were normal, as were the ultrasounds.

A Mom’s Nightmare

Eight days after Meagan was born, the day after Thanksgiving 2013, I looked at Meagan while she was sleeping and noticed she looked a little blue around the mouth. I called my pediatrician who told me to bring her to the office for examination. Upon arriving, they took Meagan’s temperature and it registered 96 degrees. They listened to her heart and heard what they refer to as a “gallop.” They immediately called an ambulance to take her to Primary Children’s Hospital.

We arrived in the ER, praying it was just a virus or something minor. After many tests and…

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